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End User License Agreement

A License Agreement That's Easy To Understand

License agreements can be complicated and hard to understand. So we've included an easy to read In Other Words... non-binding summary to help you skim through and easily understand the things you probably want to know.

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In Other Words...

By purchasing a file from us you agree to all the terms below.

When purchasing a file from us, you accept the license agreement either on behalf of yourself, your company, or your client. If purchasing on behalf of a company, you must be allowed to accept legal agreements on the company's or client's behalf.

You are purchasing the ability to use the file for specific purposes, but you are not purchasing the exclusive ownership (copyright) of the file.

The purchased file can only be used by you. You can print it and use it on websites/etc, but you can't share the original downloaded file with anyone else. If you work in a company, you can buy an additional "Multi-Seat Enhanced License" to share the file with colleagues.

Here's what you're allowed to do:

  • Edit the file however you wish.
  • Use the file in printed books, magazines, newspapers and printed advertisements, as long as it's printed under 500,000* times.
  • Use the file in an e-book, as long as it's downloaded under 500,000* times.
  • Use the file in PowerPoint presentations, films, TV programs, YouTube videos, and movies.
  • Use the file on websites.
  • Use the file for personal decoration, as long as you don't give it to others.
  • Use the file on disposable product packaging.
  • Use the file in business documents: business cards, letterhead, brochures, advertisements and stationary, as long as they are printed less than a total 500,000* times.

*If you want to print more than 500,000 copies, purchase the "Unlimited Reproductions" enhanced license.

You can not do any of this:

  • Sell or share the purchased file, or make it easily available for someone else to copy.
  • Use the file on a product, whether for resale or not (e.g. clothing, posters, mugs, games, etc.). Unless you purchase a Physical & Electronic Items for Resale enhanced license.
  • Use the file in a generic template for sale/download by others (e.g. website and PowerPoint templates).
  • Use the content in relation to subjects that we might find potentially offensive or negative (e.g. politics, drugs, sexual subjects, etc.).
  • Use the content in any way that might be defamatory or illegal in any way.
  • Use content that contain people in a way that might imply an endorsement (e.g. "I would vote for Joe Smith!").
  • Use the content for photography businesses that might compete against us or the original artist.
  • Stockpiling or saving up downloaded files that aren't used within 1 year. However, if you use the files within 1 year, you can continue to use them for that same purpose for as long as you wish.
  • Use an automated program to download files from us - no robots allowed!
  • Use the image for a full website background without modifying at least 1/3 of it, so that the image is noticeably modified from the original version.
  • Using an "Editorial Use Only" file for a commercial purpose (e.g. advertising).

We kindly ask that you include a short artist credit if you are using the file in an journalistic manner (e.g. newspaper articles, blog posts), or for TV/movie use. If you ask us nicely, we might waive this requirement.

A credit is not required for any other usage (books, advertising, decoration, website design, etc), although it's appreciated!

Subscription customers select how many possible downloads per day they would like, at the time of purchase.

Files are supplied to us by individual artists. We can't make guarantees on their behalf about the accuracy of information provided to us about the files, or the specific legality of each file in all possible situations.

We can cancel the license if we need to, although typically only if you violate any of the terms. If your license is cancelled, you need to remove all copies of the file, both physically and digitally.

We can replace the original file with another one if needed. In which case this license agreement automatically applies to the replacement file.

Make sure you record that you downloaded the file from us, so that you can reference it later. You can make backups of the digital file and provide it to others who are creating your final product (e.g. a printer), although you should do everything possible to make sure other people don't get access to your downloaded file.

We aim to be very accommodating with refunds.

If you bought a credit package or subscription and haven't used it, let us know within a month and we'll issue a refund.

If you downloaded the same file multiple times, weren't able to download due to a verifiable technical fault on our end, or due to a quality flaw with the file, we'll happily refund it for you.

If you download a file that you no longer want, or have incompatible software that is not industry-standard, then we unfortunately can't refund it.

We try, but keywords and descriptions might not be accurate. We make no promises.

We can't promise that the files will be right for your specific intended use.

Our maximum liability is $10,000 USD (explained at the bottom of section 14).

If you break the rules of this agreement, you're on your own.

You confirm that you're legally permitted to accept this license agreement, and you will follow the license terms explained here.

We're not responsible for problems that can arise from using the purchased file.

If you don't follow the license terms and then get in trouble, we're not responsible.

While there are many laws worldwide, this license agreement follows only the laws of Nova Scotia and Canada.

We can change this license agreement at any time. Any changes to license terms must be in writing.

You can't transfer this license to anyone else.

If some part of this agreement is found to be invalid, the rest of the agreement still stands.

Only written license amendments from us are valid in order to change any of the rules here.

If using our files require taxes or duties where you live, you're responsible for paying them.

We can change this agreement at any time. You can terminate this agreement whenever you wish.

Our maximum liability per customer is $10,000 USD.

Below are extra license rights that you may purchase:

If you purchase this additional license, the normal 500,000 print limit will be removed.

If you purchase this additional license, you can use the image on up to 10,000 physical products for sale (which otherwise would not be allowed).

You can also use the file within electronic items for resale, such as apps and templates. However, you still can't sell the physical image/video, or sell products that are basically selling just the image. (e.g. providing file downloads, wallpapers, or screen savers)

If you purchase a "Multi-Seat License", you can share the purchased file with coworkers in your organization. They of course are still bound by the same license terms explained here.